It’s time to update the antiquated clothing sizing system that we are all beholden to. While each designer guesstimates and creates their own sizes based on a single body shape, we all come in a wonderful variety of unique bodies and shapes.

Introducing Fitlogic, sizing for a modern woman.

The Fitlogic Sizing Solution Illustrated
The Fitlogic Sizing Solution Illustrated


Every woman knows the challenges inherent with finding the right clothing size. Brand to brand, and category to category there is such widespread discrepancy that we have all accepted that finding the right fit is purely trial and error. Once you understand where these sizes came from, you’ll see why.


The present day sizing system that we are all bound to dates back to the late 1930’s. American women started moving away from the bigger cities and rural America began to take shape. The existing clothing sizing of the day for young women was based on age (yes like children) and the expectation was that beyond your teenage years women would sew their own clothes.

At the time the Department of Agriculture had deemed that millions of dollars a year were being lost due to a lack of set clothing sizes, and thus standardized sizing would benefit the US economy. The Department collected data from 15,000 women, and devised sizing primarily based on Caucasian women and bust sizes, assuming all women had similar hourglass figures.

The History of Fit - Department of Agriculture Historical Illustration

Understandably the resulting sizing proved troublesome and in the late 1940’s post-war America, where the catalog industry was booming, The Mail-Order Association of America (with Sears Roebuck as the lead) decided to try again to identify sizing that would more accurately address a variety of body types.

The Association enlisted the National Bureau of Standards, and their analysis was mainly based on women who had served in the Air Force in WWII – arguably the most fit women at the time. Their published study and results in 1958 had sizes ranging from 8 to 38 with notations for height and girth. The flawed results became fuel for years of vanity sizing where each business adjusted clothing sizes to fit their customer base, or their designer’s aesthetic. The result is where we are today: one arbitrary size is enlarged and reduced to create all the other sizes.

The History of Fit - WWII American Airforce Fashion


Fitlogic® is the solution to one of the biggest issues facing the fashion industry today –clothes that fit.

The struggle is real and women deserve a better shopping experience.

Backed by 15 years of research, we found that 94.8% of women fall into one of three shapes. Through a simple 60 second quiz, Fitlogic provides you with a personal two-number decimal to identify both your size and shape.

Over 300,000 women have experienced a personalized fit with clothes utilizing the patented Fitlogic sizing system and the concept is proven with return rates reduced by 56% from industry standards. With the rapid growth of ecommerce and massive retail transition, reduced returns and repeat sales are a welcome change. Consumers demand personalization and Fitlogic is set to become the fashion industry fit standard.